Flathead catfish is a native species to the United States. Although they originally originated from the Mississippi River as well as the large rivers that drain off of it, flatheads have been hair transplanted and also can now be located in waters throughout the nation due to their popularity as a video game fish and food. Flatheads can be found in slow-moving water such as huge rivers as well as streams, as well as likewise in lakes and also fish ponds. They favor staying in deep water with objects like fallen logs that offer great hiding areas.

Flathead catfish are so called for their long, definitely flattened heads. Their eyes are flat and also oval shaped, as well as their lower jaw protrudes past their upper jaw. They can be found in shades of mottled browns as well as yellows. Forty- to fifty-pound flatheads are frequently caught in rivers as well as lakes. Flathead catfish that more than one-hundred pounds have actually apparently additionally been captured.

After hatching out, flathead catfish expand rapidly. They are fully grown when they are about fifteen to nineteen inches long and can live for over twenty-five years. They grow continually throughout their life time. Flatheads will consume just about anything they can get in their large mouths, but they like to fish. Bream are among their favorite foods. They additionally love to eat live perch and also sunfish. Flathead catfish can damage the population of some kinds of sunfish, particularly in smaller sized bodies of water, or water where they are not native. Some smaller sized rivers in Georgia have actually shed nearly all their redbreast sunfish after the intro of flatheads. Flatheads tend to feed by sight, and also will feed during the night along with throughout the day– even though a lot of catfish often tend to be much more energetic in the evening. You can draw flatheads with light. They’ll come to feed upon the baitfish that are brought in to the light.
Flathead catfish like deep openings with cover outside sides of river bends. Seek huge logjams, tree stumps, and also rocks were they such as to hide. Cast under the sides. Let your lure drift in, and then hold on. If the outside bends are too solid to fish, discover some within bends with less present. In large lakes and tanks, try to find the big flatheads in locations with lots of covers– like submerged brush stacks. Flatheads often take a trip in the old river and also creek networks in these lakes and storage tanks. During the night, they’ll travel these networks and also arise beside shallows to feed. Placement on your own along with these locations and wait for them to arrive.

You’ll have much better outcomes angling for flathead catfish in the early morning, early night, as well as after dark in the summertime. Although flatheads will certainly take bait during the day, they will not go much to do so. You’ll have to come to be accustomed to the body of water you’re angling in and where flatheads remain in order to get the bait close enough to them. Keep your catfish lure on the river or lake bottom. Flathead catfish feed off the lower the majority of the moment.

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